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D.A.B. Productions provides flexible and professional video and photo production services to businesses, artists and individuals who need to document an event or convey a message to their audience. Whether you are working on a marketing campaign for a band, artist, model or movement, or preparing a corporate training program, we will use our experience and our tenacity to get the job done right. Because we charge a flat rate and do all pre-production, production and post-production in-house, we will get the job done for less than our competition. More importantly, our work ethic dictates that we will work as much as necessary to satisfy the client.

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We offer generous non-profit and student discounts. We are also dedicated to supporting the local artistic community, and as a result we are willing to negotiate with local artists and musicians who need work but don't have a huge budget. Discounts are negotiated on a project-by-project basis, so contact us with your project for a custom quote.

Whether your project needs to be shot on weekdays, at night or on the weekend, we are willing to work almost any time of the day or night. The only exception is that we are generally booked from at least one to six months out, so contact us as far in advance as possible to ensure greatest availability.

Charles has been working in video production for approximately 3 years and audio production for the past 7 years. In addition to recording and releasing 4 albums of his own music, he has also worked as an intern at UTM studios in Atlanta, GA, where he is highly valued for his experience and expertise. He also has 2 years of experience working as Director of Photography and Chief Editor for an NGO where he has filmed & edited dozens of training videos, video reports and video podcasts on a variety of topics. His work with D.A.B. has included filming and editing material for artists, comedians, musicians, physical fitness facilities and local artists in addition to his main work in corporate video.

Chris has been working in video production for the past 6 years. He has assisted, acted and produced in more than thirty training videos, and he has also filmed and photographed dozens of local musicians and artists. He has worked with photo and video in 7 countries on four continents, co-authored 3 books, filmed a feature-length independent film and recorded 2 experimental rock albums. He has a bachelor's degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Ga Tech) in International Affairs and French, as well as a certificate in Marketing from the Georgia Tech College of Management. He co-founded D.A.B.

We have limited internship positions available for those who are interested in non-profit photo, video and audio production. Please contact us for more details.